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The Renault-Nissan Alliance has inaugurated its China Warehouse in Shanghai, the new step in the cooperation between the two partners on after-sales in the country.

Christian MARDRUS, Alliance Managing Director, Global Logistics was present at the inauguration ceremony together with Jacques DANIEL, Corporate Vice President, Global Division Director, Renault group and Masaaki NISHIZAWA, Corporate Vice President of Global After Sales, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

The inauguration of the joint warehouse represents a significant milestone for the Renault-Nissan Alliance in China. It will operate under the Renault-Nissan Alliance operation system and will provide high quality parts to dealers and car owners in the country.

Masaaki NISHIZAWA, Corporate Vice President, Nissan Motor Co Ltd. said, “The Renault-Nissan Alliance warehouse project has already been in smooth operation in countries such as Hungary, UK and Russia. And it has been successfully introduced in some Asian countries. Today, we are continuing this success in China. Launching the warehouse project in the world’s largest auto market is evidence of the Alliance’s global expansion.”

The Renault-Nissan China Warehouse covers an area of 8,000 square meters. It will provide a full range of auto parts, including 3,000 Renault and 10,000 Nissan parts covering almost all the imported models in China.

This China Warehouse also represents the first cooperation between the Alliance partners on after-sales in China. Both parties have been engaged in extensive communications on resources system optimization through sharing technical platforms. Adopting Nissan’s original mature technical platform, with modifications and upgrades from Renault, the China Warehouse simplifies the internal process and reduces cost. Thus, with shortened delivery time, Chinese consumers will enjoy more convenient after-sales.

Also at the opening ceremony, Mr. Robert Chan, Renault China Managing Director announced that Renault (Beijing) Automobile Co., Ltd was officially in operation.

He said, “The opening of Renault-Nissan China Warehouse as well as the official operation of Renault (Beijing) Automobile Co., Ltd together show the great importance Renault has placed in China market. Both parties of the Alliance will provide quality services by working together, sharing the latest cooperation fruits so as to help Chinese consumers build greater confidence in Renault.”

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