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Swiss Racing Team“There is no point in denying that we completely failed the qualifying,” says SRT’s managing director Othmar Welti. “And we finally know the reason. Everybody can make a bad calculation in motorsport. That is what happened to us.
The experienced GT engineer refers the “failing” to P19 for partners Seiji Ara (JAP), Max Nilsson (SWE) and P21 for Karl Wendlinger (AUT), Henri Moser (CHE) in Q1. Both duos in the Nissan GT-R’s were eliminated after the first session.
Everything became clear in the qualifying race. Ara finished his stint with the sixth fastest lap of the whole field.

Nilsson and Moser got stuck in the crowd after the flying start. The field slowly opened up. Both SRT-Nissans proved that they are competitive. Nilsson drove into the pit; Ara got into the cockpit and went back on the track. Six laps later Wendlinger took over for Moser. Wendlinger got stuck in a group. Corvettes, Maserati und Lambo fought right next to each other. Behind them Wendlinger and team mate Ara. The Lambo missed the braking point. Wendlinger took the chance and passed. Ara saw a chance as well. The SRT team mates touched. Wendlinger spun. Ara benefited. Wendlinger caught up again and passed the Lamborghini.
“We are happier with the result already. Start positions 14 and 15 for the main race are not that great but we noticed that we can achieve more after the modification,” says team manager Erich Kolb optimistically.
“We reached our minimum goal,” said Welti happily after the Championship race. “We picked up points.”
Ara managed to get through the crowd at the flying start. Karl Wendlinger was not so lucky. He was hit by Mücke (Aston Martin), spun and landed at the end of the field.
A safety car phase slowed the race down for four laps. Restart. Ara lost two places but caught up again. Wendlinger pushed forward. The Wendlinger/Moser Nissan benefited at the pit stop and won a few places. Moser clung to the team’s other car, driven by Nilsson, passed and placed in 12th place behind Haase’s Reiter Lambo.
“I wanted to brake. Suddenly I was hit at 260 km/h (162 mph). I spun around my own axis several times and hit the pile of tyres head-on,” says Henri Moser about his crash.
Max Nilsson impressed his team with his performance. The Swede drove across the finish line in 10th place. Since the first place winner was disqualified he is now placed 9th. The FIA has not announced a final decision yet.
“We can get more out of the car but I am very happy with this weekend’s result,” says Max Nilsson.
“Max showed a great performance. We developed the cars a bit further. I think that we have better chances in Brno now and that we will be able to get in on the top group,” says Erich Kolb.
Third race in Brno (CZE): May 23rd, 2010

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