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Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced that its eco-drive support system, Eco-mode function and Navigation-linked speed control, employed in Nissan’s compact vehicles has won the ANRE (Agency for Natural Resources and Energy) Director-General’s award in the 20th annual Energy Conservation Prize

The award is open to the public, and covers a wide range of energy conservation innovations, including use of new energy- and resource-saving or high energy-efficient materials, equipment and systems for non-military use. It recognizes innovative ideas to help accelerate wider commercial application of new energy conservation technologies.

Nissan’s eco-drive support system, Eco-mode function and Navigation-linked speed control, is a practical system which enables eco-drive at a relatively low cost and is recognized as a system which is expected to contribute to considerable energy conservation by employing it in a wider range of vehicles in the future.

When a vehicle is starting, cruising and decelerating before going into a curve, this system where the engine, CVT and the navigation system are cooperated can enhance in-use fuel efficiency*1 without any special driving skills. The system has already been adopted in Nissan vehicles starting by Tiida and Tiida Latio released in May 2009, as well as Cube released in November 2009.

Each of the following technologies are employed in this system;

Assists soft acceleration which eco-drivers do with engine control.

At the time of slow acceleration, identify flapping acceleration and maintain engine revolution constant to avoid uneven speed change and unnecessary fuel consumption.

Enhanced version of Smooth Acceleration Assist. A mode can be changed by a flip of a switch.

The engine brake is optimized to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption by providng route-information via the on-board navigation system including information on the next curve and the distance to the next tollgate, in addition to information from the vehicle.

Nissan received this award for third consecutive year, followed by its eco-driving service available on CARWINGS navigation system in 2008 and the X-TRAIL 20GT featuring clean diesel engine in 2009.

Nissan has been addressing a wide range of actions under “Blue Citizenship,” which represents the Company’s desire to protect the blue planet and to be a corporate citizen that can live symbiotically with people and society. These efforts range from such global issues as the environmental protection to contribution to communities, promoting diversity and making personal mobility available to as many people as possible. Nissan continues promoting its comprehensive environmental action plan, Nissan Green Program 2010, based on the “Blue Citizenship” spirit by introducing effective technologies, products and services into the market.

*1: In-use fuel efficiency-enhancing effects differs depending on each one’s driving environment and technique.
*2: Only for vehicles equipped with the HDD CARWINGS navigation system.

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