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Nissan Tiida takes 2nd in seriesChina Touring Car Championship Round 6 Race Report

December 6th, Guangdong Circuit
In the sixth round of the China Touring Car Championship in Guangdong Circuit, 2 Tiidas from the DongFeng Nissan Ghia Sports team took part in the 1600cc class race, finishing in 2nd and 7th places. Driver Lin Lifeng took 2nd, the same position his Dongfeng Nissan Ghia Sports Team took in the teams’ division.

One of the highlights of the final round of the 2009 CTCC was the new Guangdong China Circuit, located in the suburbs of Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, where the company and manufacturing plant that produces and markets the Nissan Tiida stands. As the country’s sixth 4-wheeled racing circuit, the final round of the CTCC season was the opening race at the just-completed Guangdong Circuit.

With warm weather a track temperature of 33 Celsius and air temperature of 23 degrees was recorded. The season’s final race began after a gorgeous opening ceremony. Lin Lifeng in the #2 Tiida started the race in 6th place while teammate Guo Haisheng in Tiida #1 started from 9th on the grid. In the opening stages on lap 3, the #5 VW Polo spun out, stopping in the middle of the track. The Safety Car quickly appeared for one lap. Immediately after the race was restarted, the #6 VW Polo in 2nd place took over the lead, passing the #12 HYUNDAI Elantra. The #1 and #2 Tiidas had been running in 4th and 5th places respectively, but after the restart, the #1 Tiida made contact with the #4 KIA Cerato and fell to 13th place.

Meanwhile, the #2 Tiida passed the #9 HAIMA3, squeezing into 3rd place on the first corner of the 17th lap. On lap 21, the #1 Tiida passed the #3 KIA Cerato to recover to ninth. Then on lap 22, the #1 car gained one more position to reach 8th. On the 25th and final lap of the race, the #2 Tiida overtook the #12 HYUNDAI Elantra #12 to snatch 2nd. The #1 Tiida also gained another spot, finishing the race 7th place. The pair of Nissan Tiida entries both finished the race in the points.

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