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In an effort to provide used-car shoppers with improved access to information on open safety and emissions recalls, Nissan North America (NNA) today announced it will begin sharing this information for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles with Carfax.

By providing vehicle identification numbers (VINs) with open recalls to Carfax, NNA is working to ensure that customers can access this information through a convenient third-party database. Updated VINs will be provided to Carfax on a weekly basis and will enhance recall campaign awareness and encourage campaign repair completion.

“We strive to have recall campaign work completed in a timely fashion,” said John Spoon, vice president, Parts and Service, NNA. “By working with Carfax we are making it easier for customers to determine if a vehicle has an open campaign and encouraging campaign service completion.”

Millions of used car buyers and sellers every year rely on Carfax Vehicle History Reports as part of their used-car evaluations. Open recall campaign information reported to Carfax for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles will appear on Carfax Vehicle History Reports and also will be available free to consumers at

“Carfax and Nissan North America are committed to keeping our roadways safe,” said Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax. “Adding Nissan and Infiniti to the list of manufacturers providing open recall campaign information to Carfax helps notify car owners and buyers and gets these cars into dealerships to be fixed.”

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