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Nissan Steps Up With $35,000 for Big Brothers Big SistersAuto Manufacturer Invests in Middle Tennessee’s Children
Today, Nissan Americas announced it is contributing $35,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee to help serve children waiting for mentors. Over the past five years, Nissan has donated more than $150,000 to the organization, which provides programs that help kids make better, safer choices with a goal of reduced crime, improved graduation rates, and a foundation for overall economic benefit in Middle Tennessee.

In 2011, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee estimates it will serve more than 3,000 children in Middle Tennessee with mentors. The investment from Nissan will go directly toward the organization’s efforts to recruit and train volunteer mentors who will be matched with children between the ages of 6 -16 from high-risk family backgrounds. Children involved in a positive mentoring relationship are more likely to have greater self-esteem, improved academic performance, better relationships with family and peers, and avoid negative behaviors.

“Nissan is extremely proud to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee,” said Bill Krueger, vice chairman, Nissan Americas. “We’re committed to making a difference in the communities where our employees and customers live and work, and Nissan is partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee because of the organization’s proven track record of improving the lives of Middle Tennessee children.”

Since moving its headquarters to Middle Tennessee, Nissan has developed a longstanding relationship with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Several employees volunteer their time with the organization serving as volunteer mentors as well as serving on several committees for the agency.

“Nissan’s investment in Middle Tennessee as a whole has been so integral to our community, and this most recent investment in Big Brothers Big Sisters is equally vital to us,” commented Lis Couser, vice president of marketing development for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee. “Nissan Americas has been such an important partner in our ability to help children overcome adversity and realize the American dream. We so appreciate their continued support.”

The result of Nissan’s previous $150,000 worth of support translates to 150 children that have been served with a mentor, enabling them these children to overcome adversity and realize new and brighter futures for themselves and positively impacting the communities where they live.

Dollars raised by the agency are used to fund recruiting efforts, screening, and professional ongoing support to children waiting for a mentor. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee served 2,812 children in Middle Tennessee with a positive role model in their lives. It costs approximately $1,000 to fund a match for one year.

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