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‘Choose Zero’ Curriculum Rolls Out to 2.5 Million Grade School Students

Recognizing that kids are often the most effective at creating change, Nissan North America, Inc. is launching an in-class and online educational outreach initiative called “Choose Zero” in elementary and middle schools this month. The curriculum, which features the 100-percent electric Nissan LEAF, is designed to empower kids to make and advocate for changes that reduce carbon emissions in their homes, schools and communities. Developed in partnership with Kaleidoscope Youth Marketing, the initiative is rolling out to 2.5 million students in 7,500 schools across the United States.

“Nissan is committed to empowering people of all ages – including children – to make changes that reduce carbon emissions,” said Brian Carolin, senior vice president, Sales and Marketing, Nissan North America. “We are excited to bring environmental advocacy into classrooms through valuable resources for teachers, parents and the students while also educating them on the Nissan LEAF technology and environmental benefits.”

The program targets third through eighth grade students, along with their teachers and parents, in the seven Nissan LEAF launch markets: the states of Washington, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Tennessee, and Texas.

Educators are receiving tools and content focusing on science, technology, engineering and math through the teacher-targeted website Curriculum experts from Cross-Curricular Connections (C3) and a panel of teachers from Chicago’s Math and Science Academy contribute to make in-class and take-home lessons that are standards-based and age appropriate.

The central online hub for the environmental education program is, which gives kids a fun, educational journey to see how their choices change everything. Interactive videos, state-specific facts and tips for an eco-conscious lifestyle also are featured.

Additionally, the program’s website offers parents and teachers the opportunity to sign up online for a chance to win a three-year lease on a Nissan LEAF. The sweepstakes runs until May 31, and parents and teachers can enter daily. There will be two parent winners and two teacher winners nationwide.

The Nissan LEAF is the world’s first affordable, all-electric car designed for the mass market. Launched in the United Sates, Japan and Europe in December 2010, the Nissan LEAF has a tested all-electric range of 100 miles, produces zero tailpipe emissions and doesn’t take a drop of gas.

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