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New Global Marketing Communications team will focus on increasing brand and sales power for the Nissan and Infiniti brands worldwide

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. CEO Carlos Ghosn today announced the integration of the company’s Brand, Marketing and Communications functions under a new organization called Global Marketing Communications, based at the company’s Global Headquarters. The objective is to refine and strengthen the company’s global brands in markets worldwide.

The following changes are effective October 1st, 2010:

– Andy Palmer, currently Senior Vice President for Global Planning and Program Management, will add responsibility for a newly aligned organization called Global Marketing Communications. In this capacity, he will report to Toshiyuki Shiga, COO.

– Simon Sproule, currently Global Director of Communications for the Renault-Nissan Alliance, will rejoin Nissan as Corporate Vice President for the newly established Global Marketing Communications team. He will report to Mr. Palmer.

– Junichi Endo, currently Senior Vice President for Global Marketing and Sales, is changing his area of responsibility and will lead the Global Sales, After Sales and Customer Experience teams. He will report to Mr. Shiga.

– Shiro Nakamura, currently Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, will add the role of Brands Champion, reporting to Mr. Ghosn.

Messrs. Palmer, Sproule, Endo and Nakamura will work together to define the new organization for Brand, Marketing and Communications. By the start of the new fiscal year, the new Global Marketing Communications team will be fully operational.

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