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Nissan developed the ECO Pedal system, the world’s first technology of its type to assist drivers in fuel efficient driving, and commercialized it for the Nissan Fuga, which was launched in 2009.

When the ECO Pedal system is on, each time the driver exerts excess pressure on the acceleration pedal, the system counteracts in advance with a pedal push-back control mechanism (tactile indicator) to support drivers for more effective, fuel-efficient driving. Studies show that effective eco-driving behavior with ECO Pedal drive assist contributes to improve fuel efficiency from 5 to 10% (based on internal measurement) in many driving conditions.

Mikuni jointly developed the ECO Pedal system with Nissan for Fuga. Through the licensing agreement, this technology will be available for sale to other companies.

Nissan will contribute to the growth of technology through its efforts to promote the application of its unique technologies and know-how, not only for its own use, but also in a variety of fields. Profit generated through the effective utilization of such intangible assets will be used for investing in new technology development, further contributing to Nissan’s technological competence.

The licensing of the ECO Pedal technology is an example of these efforts. Nissan will promote the wide-spread application of this system to lower price and increase adoption to a wide range of vehicles including those of other automakers. Nissan is committed to developing and promoting the wide-spread application of eco-friendly technologies, and continues to invest in the development of technologies to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, and hopes to play a role in the development of a sustainable society.

* Mikuni Corporation: Comprehensive auto parts manufacturer producing and marketing automobile products, care/welfare equipments and gas appliances/humidifiers.

Quelle: Nissan

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