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This year, for the first time, Nissan Italy has taken part in the corporate survey held by “Great Place to Work Institute”, leader in research and managerial Consultancy for over 20 years.

The corporate survey of 2009 has involved more than 100 companies chosen among the best Italian organisations and Nissan Italy qualified fifth in the overall ranking and 1st among car manufacturers.

“Great Place to Work Institute” is an international research and consultancy organization, with branches in many countries.
The objective of their survey is to measure and identify, on a yearly basis, the key elements that generate excellent working environments within organizations, including improvements and actions which produce appreciable benefits for the business.
An extensive database of excellent practices in the Human Resources Management area is also part of the survey, with particular emphasis on trust.

Top 10 companies of “Great Place to Work” in Italy for 2009:

1. Microsoft
2. Mars Italia
3. Cisco Systems
4. Elica S.p.A
5. Nissan Italia
6. W.L. Gore
7. Tetra Pak
8. Janssen-Cilag
9. Federal Express
10. Meditronic

“I’m very proud of this important achievement. Being at the top of the ranking -at the first year of participation- is a great success for all our employees and demonstrates the excellent levels of cooperation reached by our team” said Andrea Alessi, Managing Director of Nissan Italia.

Quelle: Nissan

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