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Nissan Introduces Energy Efficient Car CarrierNissan Motor Co., Ltd. today unveiled the M.V. ‘City of St. Petersburg’, an all-new energy efficient car carrier for sea transport of vehicles within Europe.

The new car carrier, built by Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation, achieves a reduction of wind resistance of up to 50% compared to conventional vessels by making the bow sleek and semispherical. Based on calculations of an annual navigation rate of 75% under average hydrographic conditions for the North Atlantic Ocean, this new design can lead to fuel reduction up to 800 tons annually, which converts to achieving an annual reduction of approximately 2,500 tons of CO2 emissions.

Euro Marine Carrier B.V., a Dutch company owned by Nissan Motor Car Carrier and the operator of this new car carrier, plans to use this vessel to transport Nissan vehicles to Northern Europe and Russia. It is expected to show maximum effect in the North Sea area where the wind is known to be very strong.

CO2 emissions reduction is a major focus for Nissan, and it is a key pillar of the Nissan Green Program 2010, the company’s mid-term environmental action plan. Nissan is working not only to manufacture zero-emission and environmentally-friendly vehicles, but also on the reduction of CO2 emissions during production, transport and sales processes. In addition to Nissan’s efforts to improve operations, such as optimizing transportation routes or improving packing rates, the newly-introduced energy-efficient car carrier will contribute to CO2 emissions reduction in the transportation equipment used within the global logistics process of Nissan vehicles.
Length: 139.98 m
Width: 22.40 m
Total Weight: 21,143 ton
Loading Capacity: 2,000 units
Operating Speed: About 16.9 knots
Complement: 24 people

Quelle: Nissan

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