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FIA GT1 World Championship, Interlagos (BRA), November 26th – 28th, 2010

For the penultimate race of the new FIA GT1 World Championship the teams met at the traditional circuit in Interlagos (Brazil). This year, 23 super sports cars compete for the first official world championship title. Since the first race in Abu Dhabi in March Swiss Racing Team has been fighting for points with an unchanged team. Duos Wendlinger (AUT) / Moser (CHE) and Ara (JPN) / Nilsson (SWE) pilot the two NISSAN GT-R’s with starting numbers 3 and 4. Before the weekend, the FIA had adjusted the Balance of Performance (BoP) in favour of the four Nissan’s. Therefore both teams could take out a dead weight of 10kg and received a restrictor enlarged by 0.2 mm. However, these advantages were not noticeable. It shows that those responsible for the BoP, which was to be completed after a few races, still have not found an ideal solution at the end of the season.

Weather conditions during the weekend were dry and mostly sunny.
In the first qualifying session on Friday Karl Wendlinger qualified his GT-R for Q2. His partner Henri Moser took over and reached start position 13 in the qualifying race. In his last fastest lap Moser closed up on a Maserati in front of him and was forced to brake. A better place would have been possible here. The second car with Seiji Ara in the cockpit finished the qualifying session in P21 and therefore did not qualify for Q2.

Henri Moser (CHE) started in the qualifying race and lost a few places in the first lap. However, he was able to regain them in the following 4 laps. In P14 Karl Wendlinger took over and was stuck behind the Nissan (#22) of SUMO driver Campbell-Walter almost until the end of the session. He was not able to win places. In the end of the qualifying session Wendlinger was struggling with the deteriorating tyres and fell back to P17.
Nilsson managed the GT-R well. He reached P15 and came back to the pit for the mandatory driver change. Ara got back on the track in P17 and drove a very good race. He managed to gain 4 places until the end of his stint.

Swiss Racing Team started in start positions 13 (#4) and 17 (#3) in the championship race. Ara lost a few places and was stuck behind Kox’ Lamborghini (#24) for a few laps. Then he failed to catch up with the cars in the front. The Japanese pilot was able to pass the Lambo a few laps before his pit stop and braked a little too late perhaps upon entering the pit lane. Race management handed him a drive-through penalty. After the driver change his colleague, Max Nilsson, had to serve the penalty and lost many places due to the narrow field. In the end he reached a very disappointing P16.
Austrian pilot Karl Wendlinger started the race with caution and was stuck behind the Sumo GT-R (22) for a few laps. That is why the team decided to do an early pit stop. Henri Moser managed the GT-R very well and drove from P21 to P15. The Swiss pilot drove a great race. However, he was forced to retire one lap before the end because of thick smoke coming out of the car.

Team principal Othmar Welti: “Our drivers managed the cars well this weekend. Modifications of the setup played out well. However, the tyres were deteriorating too quickly due to the high asphalt temperatures (up to 50 degrees Celsius). You instantly lose a few tenths because of this. Due to the very narrow field you also lose places. Both Nissan’s still have a very good pace but it is difficult to push forward at the right moment. It is very positive that our cars were not damaged this weekend.”

Teammanager Erich Kolb: “The racing weekend again showed that we are not able to fight for the top positions despite a better BoP ranking. Nevertheless, it was a great experience for our drivers to compete in Sao Paulo because the track has a very long tradition. The audience is fantastic and very enthusiastic.
On Thursday we will begin our preparations for the last race of the 2010 season in San Luis (ARG).”

Timetable for San Luis (ARG):

Saturday December 4th, 2010
09:00-10:20 FIA GT1 World Championship Free practice
12:05-13:25 FIA GT1 World Championship Pre-qualifying
17:15-18:15 FIA GT1 World Championship Qualifying

Sunday December 5th, 2010
08:00-08:30 FIA GT1 World Championship Warm Up
09:15-10:15 FIA GT1 World Championship Qualifying Race
13:25-14:25 FIA GT1 World Championship Championship Race

All times are local times (Argentina)

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