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This engagement will be part of the more than 50 agreements that the Renault-Nissan Alliance has signed worldwide, as it aims to become the leader in bringing zero emission mobility.

The agreement was signed by Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, City Mayor, Olivier Paturet, Nissan Europe Zero Emission Business Unit General Manager and Jean Pierre Laurent, Managing Director and President of Renault España S.A., representing the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Both partners have confirmed the synergies between the zero emission strategy from Renault-Nissan Alliance and the MOVELE-Madrid Plan, which falls under the responsibility of Fundación Movilidad. They will create a cross functional team that will develop the following aspects:

– The possibility of adding technical Alliance description that specify the main needs for validating recharging points, associated to MOVELE-Madrid Plan.
– Involving Renault Headquarters in Madrid as a test point of recharging system.
– Committing to making Madrid one of the first cities to have Renault electric vehicles for establishing a shared mobility system known as ‘car sharing’.
– Promoting electric mobility through informative events.
– Searching for partners to set up recharging infrastructure in car parks.
– Identifying fleet owners interested in having zero emission vehicles for use in the city.
– Defining the different uses for the electric vehicle, apart from car sharing.
– Analysing potential financial and non-financial incentives, as well as the already available incentives, to foster the use of the electric vehicle, both for users (tax exemption, benefits in terms of parking costs, etc) and for establishments that create a network of electric vehicle recharging points.
– Involving local institutions, including local companies, in the development of zero emission mobility in Madrid.

Olivier Paturet stated, on behalf of Nissan that “it is very important that Nissan future clients will be able to drive, in 2011, their electric car, Leaf. This way, they will appreciate all the advantages of this new clean mobility”.

Meanwhile, Jean Pierre Laurent confirmed, on behalf of Renault Spain, that “this agreement is another example of the Alliance’s commitment to making the electric vehicle a reality in the short and medium term. Furthermore, sustainable mobility for everyone allows Renault to find new methods of travelling, such as the revolutionary car sharing system.”

And last but not least, Alberto Ruiz Gallardón said, “It is very important for The City Council to implement synergies between Renault-Nissan Alliance zero emission strategy and MOVELE-Madrid Plan, so that it will strengthen our trust on the introduction and dissemination of electric vehicles in the city, not only as a solution for improving local air quality, but also as a new step towards developing the intelligent city that we want”.

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