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Autech Nissan X-TRAIL X-TREMER XThe “X-TREMER X” customized model further emphasizes the X-TRAIL’s Tough Gear image. It is equipped with special exterior parts, such as a front overrider, undercover and dedicated large-size fog lamps. These pieces are intended to protect the underbody, mainly in off-road driving, and to further enhance a sense of presence and an air of massive substance as an SUV. The “X-TREMER X Plus Navi HDD” model, fitted with a high performance HDD navigation system as standard equipment, is offered at an affordable price.

Like the base X-TRAIL models, these specially customized models meet tax break measures *1 provided in Japan’s “Tax system to promote the diffusion of environmentally friendly vehicles.” Customized models based on the “20X” gasoline model qualify for 75% reductions in the automobile acquisition tax and the automobile weight tax, while customized models based on the Clean Diesel “20GT” model are fully exempt from these taxes. Furthermore, as next-generation automobiles, the models based on the Clean Diesel “20GT” model are eligible for the government “subsidies (a maximum of 210k yen) to promote the introduction of clean diesel cars.” *2 These clean diesel subsidies continue to be available for eligible cars, even after the end of September 2010 when the eco-car purchase subsidies are due to be terminated.

Overview of Autech Customized Models
Base models 20X / 25X / 20GT
Changes to base models
  • Front overrider
  • Front undercover
  • Dedicated large-size front fog lamps & dedicated fog lamp finisher
  • Side protective moldings
  • Rear undercover
  • Mud guard
Body colors Burning Red <#AX6>
Diamond Black (P)<#G41>
Brilliant White Pearl (3P)<#QAB・Special paint color>
Brilliant Silver(M)<#K23>
Himalayan Khaki (M)<#JAE>

(P) is short for Pearl, (3P) is short for 3 coat Pearl and (M) is short for metallic.
* Interior color is black 〈Z〉.

Quelle: Nissan

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